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Winning Elections
America has suffered greatly under the past three and a half years of the Biden Administration and our enemies sense the weakness. Inflation is out of control and our economy is a disaster - food prices, gas prices and home prices have made people lose hope in the American Dream. We are no longer safe on our streets, our border is being infiltrated by those who would do us harm, and war is raging around the world. But there is hope and we can change all that in November by electing our nominee - Donald J. Trump President of the United States, gaining numbers in our House majority and taking back the Senate. We can make America great again!
Election Integrity
As Chairman of the Elections Operations Committee and member of the  Election Integrity Committee, I have worked to bring bold leadership and positive change. I have fought for paper ballots, for greater accessibility for poll watchers, and was the only Republican attorney to win any action on behalf of President Trump against Fulton County in 2020 on behalf of the Committee to Defend the President.

As Chairman of the Republican National Lawyers Association for Georgia, I am working with our State Party to  have attorneys in every county in Georgia ready to fight on behalf of transparency and fair elections. We need to be pro-active, not just reactive in lawfare against those who would compromise the vote of the legal citizens of Georgia.

Supporting our Republican Platform
We are the Party of conservatism and freedom, and I will continue to fight for our principles.

A Grassroots GOP

We are the party of the grassroots - a bottom-up organization...not top-down. That is why I fought hard for new leadership at the RNC in Washington. I am from the grassroots and I am proud to be your voice at the Republican National Committee.

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